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Caustic Pellets
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The name ATLAS PELLETS INDUSTRIES derived with a vision to provide the customer in domestic as well as around the world the quality product. ATLAS PELLETS INDUSTRIES has been associated with renowned manufacturers and suppliers. We manufacture the pelletized form of the sodium hydroxide pellets and potassium hydroxide pellets. Our products are used in fine chemical industry as in lab grade and analytical grade. Being in pellets form the application of the product is very easy and safe in the cosmetic industry or in the pharma industry other then the lab chemical industry.  With vast market knowledge that enables us to meet nearly any customer requirements, we can provide deliveries’ at the customers schedule to meet the right on time schedule to avoid the inventory level as well as at the lowest possible price and best quality.

  Caustic Pellet

We have vast experience of producing Chemically Pure Sodium Hydroxide Pellets (Caustic Soda) & Potassium Hydroxide Pellets(Caustic Potassium) in pellets form. The hemispherical pellets form as well as the chemical purity is well known world wide. Our products are in perfect shapes and uniform sizes.

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